Strike the Match - Jan 11-19, 2017


Ignite Ivy will be teaming up with Tribe Quantum, led by James Nesbit to do a tour of the Ivy League campuses starting with Cornell, ending with Penn. After this, the team will stop in Washington, DC at David's Tent on the National Mall.

We will join in worship and prayer at each campus! We invite students, faculty, staff, campus ministry leaders, and believers from all around each state to join in!

Purpose: We will be exalting the Lord and interceding in each place to prepare the way for the Kingdom manifesting in each place. We will call forth the original intent of God for each campus that what is on earth may align with what is in heaven.

Let the walls come down and the people go up in praise of the King!

Strike the Match is in conjunction with a nationwide effort of intercession for campuses. While we are touring each campus, prayer leaders in the rest of the nation from Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network will also be meeting to pray for campuses in each of the fifty states.

Take a stand and see a shift of our campuses for the glory of God!

Strike the Match is also a preparation for Ignite Ivy 2017, which will happen about a month later in Boston - See for info.

Here are our stops:

Wednesday, January 11 - Cornell University (“I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study.”) - 7 PM

Thursday, January 12 - Dartmouth College (The voice of one crying in the wilderness)

Friday, January 13 - Harvard University (Truth) - 7 PM

Saturday, January 14 - Brown University (In God We Hope) - 7 PM

Sunday, January 15 - Yale University (Light and truth)

Monday, January 16 - Columbia University (In Thy light shall we see the light) - 7 PM

Tuesday, January 17 - Princeton University (Under God’s power she flourishes) - 12 Noon

Philadelphia Tabernacle of David - 7 PM

Wednesday, January 18 - University of Pennsylvania (Laws without morals are useless) - 7 PM

Thursday, January 19 - Washington, DC - David's Tent - National Mall - 1-3 PM


Visit our Facebook Page for Details on Location for each of these stops as they are confirmed: