Calling our Campuses back to Christ


Ignite America Conference

... this is an army that will revolutionize the education system of America from the cradle to the campuses of America.

This mission statement for Ignite America is: that all who attend will have an experience of transformation through the revelation of Christ Jesus in us, the hope of Glory (Col. 1:27). These will leave with the abiding presence of Jesus and the call to be His witnesses on the campuses of America, making disciples of Christ.

Secondly, Ignite America was formed this year with a new pointed focus: to gather in united worship and intercession for a shift in our nation’s education system, on earth as it is in heaven.

God is bringing forth a united army walking under the banner of His love. This is army who believes 1 John 3:8: “for this purpose the Son of God was manifest, to destroy the works of the devil.” Through the exercise of worship, prayer, intercession and the authority that Christ gave to all believers over all principalities, this is an army that will revolutionize the education system of America from the cradle to the campuses of America.

Our message is Jesus Christ.

He is the slain Lamb of God and the risen, ascended King. He is our foundation, our inspiration, our hope and our joy. Christ is all.  At Ignite America, Christ is proclaimed in an atmosphere of freedom and honor that welcomes the Holy Spirit to move in our midst unbridled and draws people into encounter with the Father.

Ignite America was founded by Jerry and Judy Ball, and is a ministry of Breaker of Dawn Ministries International. Read below for info on how Ignite America came to be.

“Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful and worship God in reverence and fear in a way that pleases him.” – Hebrews 12:28

“For by Him (Christ) all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things have been created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. He is also head of the body, the church; and He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, so that He Himself will come to have first place in everything.” – Colossians 1:16-18

“We love because He first loved us.” - 1 John 4:19

At Ignite America, Christ is proclaimed in an atmosphere of freedom and honor that welcomes the Holy Spirit to move in our midst unbridled and draws people into encounter with the Father.

A Note from the Founders


After a meeting with students in Harvard Square, I laid on the floor and asked the Lord, “What can Jerry and I do? Only five percent of the students in the Ivy League are believers in Jesus, and they make up fifty percent of the world leaders!”

His answer was to gather on-fire students from each Ivy League School and MIT, and He would ignite and bond them together as an army for Himself. He gave the dates and the place in His answer—C.S. Lewis College in Massachusetts. We immediately began the search for on-fire students through our network of relationships, and in January 2011 we had a gathering at C.S. Lewis College.

We met others each day. We beheld a miracle of love and power as we assembled despite four feet of snow. That weekend started an on-fire youth movement at the Ivy League schools that has come to be known as Ignite Ivy. Since then, Jerry and I have ministered at these schools several times.

In January of the following year after the first Ignite Ivy, the Lord said, “Ignite America.” Dick and Dee Eastman invited us to host the Ignite America conference at the Jericho Center in Colorado Springs. The Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network (HAPN)  partnered with us in finding students from different states.

Seventy-two students, worshipers, intercessors, and speakers gathered there to declare a mighty spiritual awakening on all campuses. On our last night, we spent three hours worshipping, interceding, declaring the Father’s blessing on all the fatherless children in America and calling forth this generation from darkness into His glorious light in the name of Jesus.

In 2013, we gathered again for Ignite Ivy/America at Church on the Rock with Dr. John Benefiel in Oklahoma City and the Lord continued His work, drawing students into deeper relationship with Him.

In 2014 we gathered again for Ignite Ivy/America in Shreveport, Louisiana at Shreveport Community Church with Denny and DeAnza Duron for a glorious time of worship in the presence of the Lord. The Lord is transforming hearts and renewing lives through the work of his Spirit as we come together before Him.

For 2015, the fifth year, the Lord spoke to us to have two separate gatherings, “Ignite Ivy” and “Ignite America.” We gathered at Campbellsville University and the Lord worked powerfully during the time and continued working in unprecedented ways during the school year at Campbellsville. This was our first time actively partnering with a university as the administration of Campbellsville welcomed us and welcomed the Holy Spirit with open arms and an open heart. He brought us back here for Ignite America 2016 and again this year for Ignite America 2017.

Students are singing and declaring all over America that a Jesus awakening has begun, and we’re watching as they radically serve the Lord, go from place to place to preach the gospel, heal the sick, and bring salvation to the lost.

We hope that you will join us as we seek Him together at Ignite America.

With love,

Jerry & Judy Ball
Breaker of Dawn Ministries International

Students are singing and declaring all over America that a Jesus awakening has begun, and we’re watching as they radically serve the Lord, go from place to place to preach the gospel, heal the sick, and bring salvation to the lost.




Thursday Aug 2

1 - 5 PM - Worship Team Prep***

6 PM Dinner

7 PM Evening Session Begins

***Registrants who would like to participate in the student worship team, please arrive at 1 PM on Aug 3. Individuals who would like to intercede beforehand, also arrive at 1 PM.***

Kingdom Advance Network Fall Summit will be going starting at 8:30 AM, with a light breakfast. All are invited, with free admission. Lunch will be served. Meet at the Chapel at 12 to go to lunch venue.


Fri Aug 3 - Sat Aug 4

8 AM Breakfast

9 AM Morning Session with Breaks

12 Noon Lunch

1 PM Afternoon Sessions with Breaks

6 PM Dinner

7 PM Evening Sessions

Sun Aug 5

8 AM Breakfast

9 AM Final Session

Ends by 1 PM on Aug 6


Speakers & Worship Leaders


Jerry & Judy Ball | Founders
Breaker of Dawn Ministries

Jerry and Judy Ball are founders of Breaker of Dawn Ministries International, Ignite Ivy & Ignite America. Their calling is to Israel, America, college and university campuses in the United States, with emphasis on the Ivies where 50% of the world leaders are educated. Married for 56 years, they have 18 (and counting) in their family that include children, spouses, and grandchildren who love the Lord. They have been full time ministers for 21 years, have traveled to all continents, to all the Ivy League campuses and many campuses across America. They have taken 32 ministry trips to Israel and have been members of America's National Prayer Committee for 15 years.

Jerry had a full 4 year football scholarship at Wake Forest, was a "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities" and has a MA degree from Chapel Hill Carolina. Judy was an English teacher for the gifted, was English Teacher for N.C. and was also an administrator teaching expressive writing from K-College. She survived a deadly brain tumor 20 years ago and she and Jerry have been on every continent and all states since then preaching, praying, worshipping and spreading the Father's blessing and God's love.



Michael Thornton | Ignite Ministries

Before answering Gods call on Michael’s life, he was hopelessly addicted to crack-cocaine for nearly a decade.  After entering into a Christian Recovery Center, Michael encountered the powerful love of Jesus. He was transformed! His testimony was even featured on the 700 Club, which airs on the CBN network. After completing the program, God called Michael to school where, he met his wife, Amber Thornton. In May 2012, Michael received a Masters degree in Public Administration/Non-profit Organizations at Regent University.

During this time, God began to stir Michael’s heart to see citywide transformation through re-digging historic wells of revival. His passion for helping cities unlock their revival inheritance has produced two books: Fire in the Carolinas & Igniting Cities.

Besides writing about revival in the past, Michael and his ignite family have also established the Jesus Tent as an expressiion for revival now! With a mandate to help transform entire cities, the Jesus Tent is a unique movement that labors to build day & night prayer, provide citywide love feasts, and send forth missionaries into local projects and neighborhoods. Michael currently lives in Leland, N.C. with his wife, Amber and their five beautiful children. He serves as an outreach pastor at Global River Church and Director of Ignite Ministries.

Mark Bristow | Grace Fellowship Church

Dr. William Mark Bristow is the pastor of Grace Fellowship in Monahans, TX, and of Parker Heights Christian in Odessa, TX.

Pastor Mark is known for a ministry in miracles. For 25 years, Pastor Mark’s ministry under the auspices of Grace Fellowship, has both organized and hosted many great healing and evangelistic services in over 30 nations. For ten years he had the privilege to work alongside Kathryn Kuhlman’s longtime associate, Ruth Fisher. His ministry also works with local pastors and leaders in the nations. His desire is to build the body of Christ and to preach the Gospel by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Eric Michael Teitelman | House of David Ministries

Pastor Eric Michael Teitelman is Hebrew follower of Yeshua and an ordained bi-vocational pastor with the Southern Baptist Convention. He currently oversees the House of David Ministries—a Hebraic itinerant teaching and worship ministry focused on building the Kingdom of God by bringing Jewish and gentile Christians together as one new man in Christ Yeshua (Ephesians 2:14-16). He and his wife Kim live in Haymarket, Virginia. Kim was also raised Jewish and follows conservative Judaism.

Pastor Eric was born in Chicago to Jewish Ashkenazi parents, and raised in Bat Yam, Israel for much of his childhood. He holds both U.S. and Israeli citizenship. While living in Israel he attended Yeshiva Aderet, an orthodox school for rabbinical studies. He later returned to the United States to study Civil Engineering.

In 2002 after reading the New Testament, Pastor Eric received Yeshua as His Lord and Savior, and shortly after was baptized in the power of the Holy Spirit. With a firm knowledge of Old and New Testament scripture, and a deep understanding of Jewish culture and rabbinical writings, he brings a unique Hebraic perspective to his teachings. He also leads prophetic worship with an acoustic guitar, singing both contemporary Christian songs and Hebrew Psalms.

Campbellsville U Church Outreach

The Campbellsville University Church Outreach program provides for students practical ministry opportunities and experiences in a leadership laboratory environment. It helps prepare CU students for their calling in life and ministry by uniting young people with churches and internship opportunities. Church Outreach helps us to further the Great Commission and the mission of Campbellsville University by being Christ-centered, church-connected, and about changed lives!

Under the leadership of Dr. G. Ted Taylor, Vice President of University Outreach, director of FIRST CLASS, and professor of theology, the student-based life teams have grown to more than 60 students. These teams travel every week to local churches, Christian schools, and special events delivering a message of Christ's life-changing power.

Students are mentored towards their ministry goals and calling to become successful pastors, ministers, teachers, and missionaries for the future success of the church.

Choe Sergent | Campbellsville University

Choe Sergent grew up in the Southeastern region of Kentucky. It was during this time that he experienced the pain of devastation of a life without God. Then, in 2007 Choe surrendered his life to Christ and accepted the call to ministry. He has now made it his life mission to tell others about the Good News of Jesus Christ. Choe currently serves as the Senior Pastor of Junction City First Baptist, one of the fastest growing churches in Central Kentucky. Additionally, Choe serves as the Executive Director of Church Outreach Campbellsville University. Choe obtained his Bachelor's of Arts in Biblical Studies from Grand Canyon University, the Master of Theology and Master of Management Degrees from Campbellsville University, and is currently a Ph.D. student at Campbellsville University. 


Briana Shelby | Campbellsville University

Besides being fully dedicated to the ministry, Brianna Shelby also works at Campbellsville University and is a New Mommy to a boy named Gabriel Isaac. Brianna and her husband minister side by side as Youth Pastors and have been married for 8 years. Brianna also operates in the gift of prophecy and restoration of women who have been abused sexually, mentally and physically. Brianna feels that God has called her to empower, encourage and excite this generation to live a radical, sold out life for Christ through the power



Maximillian Vitori | Campbellsville University

Maximillian Vitori is a recent graduate of Campbellsville University. He has been a follower of Jesus for five years and is passionate about sharing the Gospel. Vitori holds a Bachelor's Degree in Pastoral Ministries, and a preacher for the Campbellsville University Church Outreach program. 

Herve Kouna | Campbellsville University

Herve Kouna is a native of Cameroon in Central Africa and he is currently the Head Basketball Coach at the Campbellsville University Conover Center. He made is profession of faith during his junior year at Dartmouth College in 2012. Since, then He has been involved in different program seeking to empower Christian-students in college campuses throughout the USA including Ignite America. He is currently involved with an outreach ministry at Campbellsville University that aim to give college students practical ministry experience through serving in churches every week. After his undergraduate studies, Herve served as an assistant Pastor at Shreveport Community Church and a basketball coach at Evangel Christian Academy in Shreveport, Louisiana. He returned to Cameroon in 2015 and played in Cameroonian Basketball Championship as well as with the Cameroonian Basketball team. He resumed his studies at Campbellsville University in 2016. He has a Master in Sport Management and he is currently finishing an MBA in the same institution. Herve longs to see a generation of young Christians continuously strengthening their walk with their Lord Jesus to transform the environment where there are planted. He is currently engaged with Ashanti Colonel and they are getting married on June 23rd, 2018. Herve’s mother and six siblings are still living in Cameroon.   

Chris Ngai | Love ASU

Chris Ngai is the co-founder of LoveASU, a movement of prayer, unity and lifestyle mission at Arizona State University. Over the last 12 years, he has seen God do an extraordinary work in the hearts of students and leaders. His desire is to see a generation encounter the presence and power of Jesus, and to give away their very lives for the sake of love.

Diane Preston-Reilly | Challenger Films

Dr. Diane Preston Reilly is the founder of Challenger Films which was created to give youth role models worthy of emulation through television, church youth programs, and now the internet.

While Diane was working on her doctorate in education, she unmasked very indicting data concerning television’s impact on youth and society.  The sobering results of her research, coupled with the deep burden and dedication she felt to challenge young people, motivated Diane in the fall of 1980 to found Challenger Films, an Atlanta-based independent film production company.  The mission of Challenger Films was (and is) to produce wholesome programming for our nation’s youth by profiling positive real-life role models.

During the ’80s she created new pilots and shared them with network affiliates to begin establishing a track record with this type of program.  In 1982, advertisers came on board to sponsor The Winning Edge on ESPN.  This version of the program included well-known sports celebrity introducers for each profile.  The show received good Nielsen ratings by ESPN standards, and viewers wrote to the network in support of the series, but ESPN would not con

tinue the series because of its faith-inclusive message. The title The Winning Edge was to become The Real Winning Edge because the new title has the focus and heart of this series.

Today, The Real Winning Edge series is featured on its own YouTube channel, while the broadcast version remains with the American Sports Network, the Movie Channel and JUCE-TV (a youth-oriented affiliate of TBN). Dr. Preston-Reilly believes that as we prove TRWE connects with a mainstream audience, we can help change American culture to adopt and appreciate the values that make for good leadership in our country.  She also believes that we are in a critical time in our nation where youth see media content that is much more disturbing and decadent than inspirational and uplifting.  Her message challenges all of us to engage in the battle to overcome evil with good.


Aprile D. Hunt

Aprile is a Davidic prayer worshiper who connects heaven and earth. Weaving worship and prayer together, she creates an open heaven to enter the holy of holies. She is a songwriter, recording artist and intercessor. She and her husband, Howard (Brigadier General, ret.) are Kentucky Coordinators for the National Governor’s Prayer Team and the Kentucky Prayer Coalition where intercessory leaders across the Commonwealth pray seven days a week for government leaders, and the seven mountains that affect culture. She has led Prayer at the Capitol and prayed with top government officials for the purpose of seeing God establish His kingdom order of love, truth and justice in Kentucky government.

Worship Leaders

The primary worship team through the weekend will be student participants who indicate interest in serving. All attendees who desire will have the opportunity to join with the worship leaders in leading worship. Please indicate interest on the registration form!

Joe Salzano | Cornell University

Joe Salzano is deeply committed to the prophesied restoration of the Tabernacle of David through the equipping of this generation as a Holy Priesthood and dwelling place of the Holy Spirit.

Joe Salzano has been a professional musician and composer for over 40 years.  In January 2000, he received Jesus Christ in an upstate N.Y. rehab and was set free from lifelong addiction to alcohol and drugs and miraculously healed of a fatal liver disease.  His life since then has been dedicated to teaching music and inspiring others to worship God with passion, integrity and freedom.  

Salzano is on the faculty of the Cornell University Music Department as Jazz Saxophone/Woodwinds Instructor.  In 2012, the Lord opened a door at Cornell for Joe to offer a weekly Christ-centered 'Worship Workshop' devoted to raising up, training, and releasing worshipers seeking more of God.  Salzano has worked with notable Christian artists such as: Don Potter, Martin Smith, JoAnn McFatter, John Patitucci, Julie Meyer, Caleb Quaye, Dr. William Edgar and frequent member of the Steve Swanson Worship Band.  

Joe has partnered with Judy and Jerry Ball, Ignite Ivy and Ignite America in training young Christian musicians and organizing student-led worship teams.  His passion is to see people connect with their purpose and destiny in Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.


For more information, contact:

Joe Salzano, 116 Sapsucker Woods Rd., Ithaca, NY 14850
phone (607) 319-9867

Claren & Nancy McQueen | Artists of Faith Music

Claren McQueen and his wife, Nancy Howard McQueen, serve around the world in a ministry of worship and teaching on Biblical principles and the Hebraic roots of Scripture.   Claren lived and worked in Jerusalem for twelve years where he taught history and geography of the Bible at the Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies. He led worship in two local congregations and for the International Christian Embassy.  Nancy is a harpist, composer and artist who paints from a visionary perspective. Their heart is to see God’s people worship and intercede in abandon, like how King David did. They desire to see God’s people be made ready to be conduits for the Holy Spirit to flow in this generation, and thus prepare the way for the Lord to come.



Venue & Accommodations


Unexpectedly, the Lord opened the door in 2015 for us to meet in Campbellsville, Kentucky, entering into ground that has been prepared. The body of believers has been seeking the Lord to see a spiritual awakening and they desire to see Jesus lifted up in the sphere of education.

After Ignite America 2015, the Lord moved powerfully at Campbellsville during the school year. After joining with CU for Ignite America 2016, He has brought us back again to join in what He has for each individual attending, for Campbellsville, for Kentucky, our entire nation and the nations of the earth.

Come and be a part of unashamed worship unto the King. Be reaffirmed in your identity in Christ and your place in the family of the Heavenly Father. Be equipped as a reformer on your campus and city. And be sent back to your sphere of influence in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Come experience the Love of God in community, as multiple generations join in unity to see the Kingdom of God advance in our day. 

Invite your friends and join us in Campbellsville, Kentucky this summer!

The gathering will be on the beautiful campus of Campbellsville college in Campbellsville Kentucky. The dorms are arranged for six to stay with two baths and a kitchen and living space. The delicious meals are served in the cafeteria. The Christian atmosphere of this campus is so warm and inviting and so safe because it is bathed in prayer and the word of the Lord not only by intercessors, but students, the University president and his wife, professors and coaches. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet with the Lord and to be ignited for the radiant, contagious, abundant, eternal life that He gives.

Most sessions will take place at Ransdell Chapel located at 1 University Drive, Campbellsville, KY 42718.

All accommodations for attendees who pay the non-local rates will be at dorms on campus in single gender dorm apartment style quarters, with two to a room.*

*Please bring bedding, a towel and toiletries.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be served daily in the cafeteria.