“These are days that call for bold intercessory prayer. Jerry and Judy Ball and Breaker of Dawn Ministries have been at the forefront of the prayer movement God has raised up during this prophetic hour.  We thank the Lord for their leadership in organizing convocations of prayer for America and also for Israel.”

—Dr. Robert E. Fisher, Past Executive Director, Center for Spiritual Renewal (Passed, and on to glory!)


“Whether it’s for an individual or an organization, standing in the gap through prayer is a lifestyle for Jerry and Judy Ball.  Breaker of Dawn is one of God’s chosen and strategic instruments for His end-time purposes."

— Chris Mitchell, Christian Broadcast News Anchor, Israel


“We are excited to endorse the wonderful ministry of Jerry and Judy Ball,  Breaker of Dawn.  Over the years, Jerry and Judy have been mightily used of God to mobilize and equip intercessors to significantly impact the world.”

— Dick and Dee Eastman, Every Home for Christ


“Breaker of Dawn Ministries is a cutting edge intercessor’s team that sees what the Lord is doing “beyond the horizon.”  In our life, Jerry and Judy have always had the touch that goes beyond mentoring.  They walk in a Hebraic understanding of “mispochah” (family) and therefore can lift a minister’s hands with accuracy and love.  It is an honor to be knit with them.  We heartily recommend them to help any ministry to go deeper, fly higher, and stay in tune with the heart of God.”

— Miles and Katherine Weiss, Hosts of the Zola Levitt Ministry

“Jerry and Judy Ball of Breaker of Dawn Ministries are one of the most accurate and incisive prophetic intercessors I know.  Not only do they have a depth to their spiritual understanding, but a breadth to impact many diverse “streams ” in the Body of Christ.”

— Steven L. Fry, Steven Fry Ministries


“I can say without hesitation or reservation that Breaker of Dawn Ministries, directed by the Ball Family of North Carolina, is a potent power source of the Holy Spirit of our dear heavenly father.”

— E.E. “Ed” McAteer, President and Founder of the National Religious Roundtable (Passed, and on to glory!)


“We would both like to endorse Breaker of Dawn Ministries for its role in leading intercession for our nation and for Israel.  Jerry and Judy Ball have been strategically placed to support those who are in positions of leadership to affect these nations.  Their ministry is being used by God to turn the hearts of people to Jesus and to ignite revival.”

— Dr. and Mrs. Dave Weldon, Past U.S. Congressman


“Jerry and Judy Ball are an effective intercessory duo – two of the most seasoned and balanced intercessors at work in Christ’s vineyard today!  We are privileged to have them and their Breaker of Dawn Ministry as strategic allies with Intercessors for America.  Only eternity will reveal what amazing Kingdom unfolding has been wrought by this humble and devoted husband and wife team.”

— Gary Bergel, Past President, Intercessors for America


“We highly recommend Jerry and Judy Ball as humble servants of the Lord who carry God’s heart for the Jews and Arabs of Israel.  They have been raised up by the Lord to call others into prayer for Israel and America in these last days.  May the Lord continue to expand and bless their Breaker of Dawn Ministry.”

— David and Karen Davis, Sr Pastor, Kehilat HaCarmel, Israel

“There are few times in the history of America when prayer has been more urgently needed than this presenthour.  Breaker of Dawn Ministries is on the cutting edge of the urgency of the hour.  Jerry and Judy Ball have received the clarion call to bring the intercessors together to pray for the things close to the heart of God, the American youth and family, the church, governments, and the city of the great King, Jerusalem.  May we all hear the call of the Holy Spirit!  It’s time to pray!”

— Gwen R Shaw, Th.D.,D.D., Past President, End-Time Handmaidens (Passed, and on to glory!)


“It is a great joy to endorse the prayer ministry of my dear friends, Jerry and Judy Ball.  Breaker of Dawn Ministries is a delight to the Father and a blessing to the Body of Christ!”

— Dutch Sheets, Dutch Sheets Ministries


“What a joy and privilege to recommend Jerry and Judy Ball’s intercessory ministry.  When they pray, mountains move, the Kingdom of God is established and revival breaks forth.  As they have joined us on many strategic missions, we have seen breakthrough after breakthrough in some of the hardest places around the world.  This is a high-level prayer ministry you can trust in the most sensitive circumstances.”

— Bob and Rose Weiner, Weiner Ministries


“It is with much joy that I endorse the Breaker of Dawn Ministries, that over the years has understood the heart of God and therefore His purpose in the world.  Because of a prayerful study of God’s Word, Jerry and Judy Ball have worked with God for the blessing Israel, and we have seen and felt the impact of their calling to stand in the gap.  Theirs is a unique work of dedication driven entirely by the grace of God in their hearts and we are most thankful for it.”

— Malcolm Hedding, Past Executive Director of the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem (ICEJ)


“Breaker of Dawn Ministries is an important voice calling the Church to awaken in prayer and action to the urgent issues of the day.  Their heart for America, and commitment to God’s purposes for Israel, is a vital example for all concerned believers to respond to today.  I heartily recommend this dynamic ministry to you!”

— Rev Robert Stearns, Executive Director, Eagles’ Wings


“We have been greatly blessed in Jerusalem by the prayer teams led by Jerry and Judy Ball.  We have encouraged people to participate in Breaker of Dawn prayer convocations, knowing they will flow with God’s heart and purposes.”

— Rick and Patti Ridings, Directors, Tabernacle of Praise, Jerusalem Israel


“Jerry and Judy Ball have sought the Lord and are commissioned by God.  Their faithfulness and effectiveness are proven throughout the years and I have personally been blessed by their ministry.”

— Tryna Bahl, Past North American President of Lydia


“Jerry and Judy Ball, founders of Breaker of Dawn Ministries, have been on the cutting edge of the global prayer movement for many years.  They have provided strategic intercession over the nations of Israel, America and indeed the world, as well as for the youth of the United States.  In addition to providing prayer coverage through their network of intercessors for spiritual leaders, the Ball’s are frequent speakers for Christian groups.  Because the heart cry of this couple is to be obedient to the will and purpose of the Father, God has used them mightily.”

— Jane Hansen, International President of Aglow


“Jerry and Judy Ball are sacrificial prayer warriors and true servants of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I have had the blessing of laboring along their side on intercessory missions for change in our nation, Israel, revival in our churches, and youth.  With a whole heart I highly commend to you these priceless jewels and their ministry of love to Christ and His body!”

— James W. Goll, Ministry to the Nations, Franklin, TN


“Breaker of Dawn Ministries help to ignite the fires of prayer that are breaking out throughout the world.  I look forward to being with Jerry and Judy Ball often as they convene these holy convocations.”

— Don Finto, Caleb Ministries


“Breaker of Dawn Ministries, by their sacrificial faithfulness in intercession, earned such respect that they can indeed call intercessors to holy convocations for Israel and America.  How grateful we are for Jerry and Judy laying down their lives to faithfully stand in the gap for Israel and America in these critical days.”

— John and Wendy Beckett, Chairman of the Board, Intercessors for America – The Ebenezer Project