Prayer for America on The National Day of Prayer May 5, 2016 by Judy Ball


Dear Father, we love You. We love the nation of America that is under One God and one Savior (Jesus Christ).

May the worship, the drum rolls, and the blowing of the shofars across America in thousands of gatherings on May the 5 (tomorrow) give You all the honor and the glory that is due to You, a God of love and justice and truth and one who gives us eternal life through Jesus Your son.

Lord, open the heavens and come down. We pray that the King of Glory will embrace, cleanse, and bless America from East to West, from North to South. 

May the manifest goodness of God be so real that it will bring forth massive and sincere repentance across this land.

Jesus said, ”Repent for the kingdom of God is at Hand”

Your kingdom come, your will be done in America as in Heaven.


Join in the National Day of Prayer tomorrow (Thursday May 5, 2016) wherever you are.