Speaking Life to a Nation


Jesus said unto them, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father except through me.” These are the famous words of Jesus, the greatest man who ever lived. He’d gathered together in an intimate discourse with his disciples and began to unleash many deep and powerful statements as he prepared to go to the Cross.

No man ever spoke like this man they said. Others did not acknowledge him as the Savior of the world. But He continued his walk and the mission for which he was sent. He came to the lame and they walked, the sick were healed, the blind began to see and the dead rose. He introduced people to a real love that deeply left a mark on people. Jesus declared that He was the Life and that apart from Him there was none.

Truly, men and women were alive all around him in the biological sense and yet He declared that He came to give people an abundance of life and a quality of life that was eternal and never ending. And He declared that to know God our Father and to know His Son Jesus was eternal life in itself.  

In another place He said that He came to give rest to weary and burdened. He pardoned sins and spoke peace to those who felt condemned. Truly, when He declared that to follow him one must be so intimate with him as to partake of his very flesh and blood, many scattered being offended yet his disciple Peter said that “You have the very words of life.” This is Jesus. He is the Life. His words were life and His actions bore life.  

When He showed up, that which did not bear fruit had to bow down to a superior kingdom that was fully alive. He transformed lives and he showed people how to live on the earth but in a different kingdom. And In the end, He gave up his life freely, demonstrating his love for all humanity but the grave could not hold him. He arose again to life and He forever lives as the one who stands in the gap, as the one who is able to save those who call on him. Forever He lives and forever He is glorified.

Ignite America exists to awaken a generation to this man who was more alive than any who ever lived and to release this very life, and truth, and love to our nation. The beauty of this is that He isn’t just a source of inspiration from the words of an ancient book but now, Christ desires to continue to live His life in and through all who would call on him, what a wonderful privilege it is to know and be indwelt by the Living Eternal, All Powerful, All-Loving God. He is near to all who call on Him. Christ in us is the wonderful hope of glory now and forevermore (Col. 1:27).