Ignite Ivy

... His answer was to gather on-fire students from each Ivy League School and from MIT, and He would ignite and bond them together as an army for Himself.

A Note from our Founders


After a meeting with students in Harvard Square, I laid on the floor and asked the Lord, “What can Jerry and I do? Only five percent of the students in the Ivy League are believers in Jesus, and they make up fifty percent of the world leaders!” 

His answer was to gather on-fire students from each Ivy League School and MIT, and He would ignite and bond them together as an army for Himself. He gave the dates and the place in His answer—what was then called C.S. Lewis College in Northfield, Massachusetts, where D.L. Moody was born and buried. We immediately began the search for on-fire students through our network of relationships, and in January 2011 we had a gathering at the Northfield campus.

We met others each day. We beheld a miracle of love and power as we assembled despite four feet of snow. That weekend started an on-fire youth movement at the Ivy League schools that has come to be known as Ignite Ivy.

Since then, Jerry and I have ministered at these schools several times.

In January of the following year, the Lord said, “Ignite America.” Dick and Dee Eastman invited us to host the Ignite America conference at the Jericho Center in Colorado Springs. 

Seventy-two students, worshipers, intercessors, and speakers gathered there to declare a mighty spiritual awakening on all campuses. On our last night, we spent three hours worshipping, interceding, declaring the Father’s blessing on all the fatherless children in America and calling forth this generation from darkness into His glorious light in the name of Jesus.

In 2013, we gathered again at Church on the Rock in Oklahoma City and the Lord continued His work, drawing students into deeper relationship with Him.

In 2014 we gathered again for Ignite Ivy/America in Shreveport, Louisiana.

For 2015, the fifth year, the Lord spoke to us to have two separate gatherings, “Ignite Ivy” and “Ignite America.” Ignite Ivy 2015 took place at Hope Christian Church in North Haven, CT near Yale. Ignite America 2015 took place at Campbellsville University.

We returned again to Campbellsville in 2016 for Ignite America and moved Ignite Ivy to the winter for February 2017 in Boston.

Students are singing and declaring all over America that another Great Awakening has begun, and we’re watching as they radically serve the Lord, go from place to place to preach the gospel, heal the sick, and bring salvation to the lost.

We hope that you will join us as we seek Him together at Ignite Ivy.

With love,

Jerry & Judy Ball
Breaker of Dawn Ministries 

In the last two years that I have taken part in Ignite Ivy/America, I have been buoyed by a resurgence in my spiritual sensitivity, encouraged by firsthand accounts of transformations among my fellow igniters as well as empowered by heroes of faith who have been more than kind to spend time with us.

To me and to many others, Ignite Ivy/America is a valve, a connection between the overly analyzed physical world with the underrated yet all-important spiritual world.
— Edwin Chui, student participant, Cornell Alumnus