Day 5

"My beloved I AM with your generation. I am calling you from the desert just like I called Moses.

You say, "Not me; I don't like to speak."

But I say, "I AM."

Answer my call, and I will show you the ways to free this generation from the bondage of sin, to the deliver them from Pharaoh and the Egyptian gods that still rule in the kingdom of this earth. 

I have placed dreams in your head. I have prepared you for excellence, but the only way to fulfill those dreams is to daily ask for wisdom, forsake all else, and follow that wisdom.

I am joy. I am peace. I am life and I am light. I am at the way, the truth and the life. To know me is to know freedom and fulfillment, as I play upon the instruments of your lives.

 Let me increase the kingdoms of this world to become the kingdom of my Son through your oneness and faithfulness and my wisdom."

Claire James