How Judy Learned to Hear from God

The Lord has impressed on the heart of Mama Judy Ball to seek and share words from the Lord, starting tomorrow and continuing for the next twenty-one days. Before beginning, Judy wanted to share her story about how she learned to hear from the Lord.

"When I was thirteen years old my mother was very ill with cancer and my little brother had polio. Thankfully our family was covered by prayer from our local church and friends.  During that time, my cousin was living with us. He worked with my father until he had the money to go to seminary. He was our Mary Poppins. He helped keep our family together by praying and playing with us.  Every afternoon when he came home from work he would take his Bible and walk into the woods and stay for an hour or two. On several occasions I followed him and saw him sitting by a tree reading the Bible and talking out loud to God.

After he left our home I began to do the same thing.  I read the words in red and prayed and listened. The Lord began to answer all my prayers.  It was my joy to bring light and happiness that I found at the moss bed to my family and my friends.  All my life I have listened for words from the Father for guidance, and words of encouragement from Him to give to others.

I hope these words from the Father will bless you and bring you light, hope and joy in this dark world."

Claire James